What Are SEO Backlinks Used For?


How Can SEO Backlinks Help my Website?

As you build your website and look for every advantage you can find in order to maximize its profitability, one concept you are likely to come across quite frequently is backlinks. You may wonder what SEO backlinks are used for? In order to understand how backlinks will help you make money, you must first understand what backlinks are.

To put it quite simply, backlinks are any link on a website that takes the person who clicks on that link to a different website. Backlinks are used in a variety of ways, but the two most important functions of backlinks are:

1. The way in which backlinks function with search engine optimization

2. The way in which backlinks can make money for the person who posts them.

A. The way in which backlinks function with Search Engine Optimization

When search engines determine where a website will show up in a search, one of the big things they look at is how many backlinks point to that site. For instance, if 130 different websites have inserted SEO backlinks that refer to a particular site, the search engine will read this as 130 ‘votes of confidence’ for that particular site. This elevates where this site will show up in rankings. Of course, backlinks are typically used to link to external sites that have relevant content. However, once you begin expanding your Internet operation, running several websites at once, you can increase the search engine ranking of all these sites by periodically inserting SEO backlinks to the other sites you own/manage.

B The way in which backlinks can make money for the person who posts them.

By using a SEO backlinks tool, you can turn certain keywords in the text of your website into backlinks for which you will be paid when people click on them. In effect these backlinks function as advertisements. But rather than ads that reside inside of banners, these ads will settle naturally in amongst your regular content, making you money every time a reader clicks on one.

Websites such as Fatjoe.co will also find high ranking websites that are willing to put backlinks to your website within their content. This gives you immediate leverage with Google that a high ranking website is linking back to yours.

Understanding SEO backlinks is one of the best ways to increase the profitability of your website. Once you start using SEO backlinks to boost your search engine ranking, and to earn money directly, your site will quickly become far more profitable. Backlinks can be created very easily using Webfire’s 5 Lead tools. You can do a quick search globally in Webfire which will find Government sites, Blog sites, Q&A sites and high ranking forums wher you can leave comments with links back to your website.

You can also use Webfire’s Article Spinner and Article Submitter to create unique content for article submission sites. These sites enable you to have a link in your profile as an author thereby providing more valuable SEO backlinks. This unique marketing system would only be limited by your own imagination and creativity.

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