How to Survive Recession

how to survive recession

With the current coronavirus lockdowns around the world we have been plunged into an economic recession. If you’re wondering how to survive recession, we’re sharing an excellent interview with world renowned financial adviser Robert Kiyosaki to help you work out your next step.

Interestingly, Mr Kiyosaki mentions that we are at a turning point in the way our world operates. This coronavirus crisis marks the end of the industrial age, and the beginning of the information age. The people who will suffer most from this crash are those who are stuck in industrial age thoughts. Those who embrace the digital age will flourish. Businesses that stay using traditional methods of promotion such as newspaper, radio, magazine advertising will struggle to expand in our modern world.

It’s vital now to reeducate yourself in digital media promotion. For traditional business owners such as trades, cafes, lawyers, accountants, business brokers, real estate agents you need to know how to leverage yourself online to vastly broaden your footprint. We use an excellent program that has a whole library of online education to teach you how to get your website onto page 1 of Google searches. It also has 25 tools to use to structure your website for online success, create backlinks, and drive more traffic to your business.

We used just one tool in this program and earned back in our first two sales the full amount we had invested into the program. This program is excellent for existing brick and mortar businesses who want to expand their business online. The skills and tools you will learn and have access to through these two programs above mean you can save thousands of dollars that might normally be spent with SEO companies.

The program helps you:

  • Create valuable backlinks to your website (something you pay SEO companies big money to do).
  • It tells you what needs to be done on your website structurally to increase your Google rankings.
  • It will help you find low competition keywords which can get you easily onto page 1 of Google searches.
  • It has a Social media posting tool which enables you to create posts for a week ahead or for months and will automatically publish posts for you to keep your followers engaged.
  • There is also an archive of all previous weekly trainings.
  • 25 tools in total to cover all areas of what your website needs to get to, and stay on, page 1 of Google.

This program is also excellent for accomplished Affiliate Marketers as there are tools which blast your posts worldwide. There are several Lead Tools to drive traffic to your products, automatic Social posting, and an article spinner tool to help you create content fast.

If you’re looking to build a purely online business with next to no cash needing to be invested in inventory, commercial premises leases, employing staff or any of the other requirements that starting a physical business has, the best option is to start with solid education in Affiliate Marketing. We can highly recommend a comprehensive training program that educates raw beginners from scratch on how to build a website, how to write content that sells, and thousands of affiliate products you can choose to promote. There is also a worldwide community of members who support and help each other when stuck. You can even use the community Forum to promote your product articles to once you have written them. This program is ideal for people who know next to nothing about marketing online as it has so many step-by-step videos of how to do all the things required to get your products seen on page 1 of Google.

Any business person who wants to know how to survive recession needs tools and skills that will enable a strong online presences, especially as we’re seeing now with these lockdowns. Massive numbers of people are shopping online. You need to learn now how to capture a good slice of that online marketplace, and have the tools to make it happen fast!

Here is the video of Robert Kiyosaki speaking about how to survive recession…

We are Baby Boomers who have had traditional businesses all our lives, and all the stress that comes with that. 10 years ago we started attending every online marketing seminar we could find. Getting up at 4am and still going at 10pm at night we attended every training webinar from the best of the best online marketers. We now have a lifestyle where our websites tick over producing an income for us while we sleep, and while we holiday. On this website it is our intention to share what we have found has really worked for us.

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