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best SEO software

The Best SEO Software for all Kinds of Business

Whether you own a brick and mortar business or your business is purely online you need the best SEO software to drive traffic to your site. Traffic is the lifeblood for every business. Many businesses engage professional SEO agencies to make sure their website appears high in Google rankings. This can run into thousands of dollars every month. Our own experience with professional SEO companies was very enlightening. Many months we discovered there were no new actions taken on our website in the way of fresh content, new backlinks or other activities that would have kept us alive and active with Google. We discovered we were paying thousands of dollars just to receive a monthly report on our rankings.

That’s when we started looking for the best SEO software we could find to take back control of our website optimization. In this post we’ll be showing you the awesome program we found that gives us 25 different SEO tools in the one platform! Every tool in the software comes with a step by step video Tutorial showing you how to use it. You can even download a PDF report on your site’s overall performance. This could be very beneficial if you want to offer SEO services to other businesses.

Best SEO Software

In addition to the 25 SEO tools contained in this program, each week there is a Live training webinar on various online marketing topics. Some weeks the software developers do a live analysis on members’ websites. Here they will go through your website and make suggestions on how to better your content to increase your Google ranking.

There is a complete library of every weekly webinar training which you can access in the program. This is great if you are a newbie to online marketing as there is an abundance of training topics.

In addition to all of these benefits there is a Facebook group where you can communicate with a worldwide network of users of the software to get help or ideas to improve your SEO.

We’ll go through each of the 25 tools briefly so you can see what each one can do for your business website.

SEO and Keywords Tools:

1. SEO Analysis Tool which will Analyze your site and competition’s sites by keyword. Best SEO Software

This tool will enable you to:

A. Look at what your competitors are doing for the keywords you want to rank for.

B. Find any holes in your strategy for keyword ranking. The software will tell you what actions you need to take to improve your keyword ranking. For example it may show you that you have no Sitemap, your Keyword Density is too low, you have no Title tag, your images have no meta tags relating to your keywords, and many more aspects of your site performance will be revealed.

This tool has a Fix button which will apply the fix on your website.

2. SEO Backlinks Tool where you can compare competitor site backlinks by Keyword.

This tool will show how many backlinks your website has, and what they are. It will also show you how many backlinks your competitors sites have. It will also tell you what those websites are that are linking back to your competitors’ sites. This means you could contact these same websites to ask for a backlink to your site.

3. Buyer Keyword Generator Tool to generate keywords that target online buyers.

This tool will help you to find keywords that people who are most likely to complete a purchase from your business. Once you have generated your list you can then use these keywords in your Product descriptions, tags, etc. You could also write Posts targeting some of these keywords. This means your keywords will be directed to people who are ready to buy NOW.

4. Google Tool to integrate your website with Google’s Search Console and Analytics.

This tool will enable you to see traffic statistics on your website which will help you to see holes in your SEO performance and make the relevant fixes. It will also enable you to submit your Sitemap to Google to improve your rankings. It also shows you how many of your pages have been Indexed by Google in comparison to the number of pages you have submitted.

5. Keyword Density Tool

This tool will check the keyword density on your web pages. Keyword density is the number of times your keyword appears on your web page. The recommended density for keywords is between 1 and 4%. A keyword density above 4% can harm your ranking as search engines can see this as “keyword stuffing” and may downgrade your ranking in response.

Best SEO Software

6. Keyword Domain Finder Tool

This tool will check first page results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for available high ranking domains relevant to your preferred keyword. It will show you global search results for the keywords contained in the domain names.

7. Keyword Tool

This tool will enable you to enter a keyword, and will find related keywords, then analyze the competition looking for valuable easy-to-rank keywords. It will show you which keywords you have a good chance of getting your site onto page 1 with. You will save lots of time and effort by going after keywords that have very little competition.

8. Local Business Keyword Generator

This tool is valuable for businesses that are considered Local – services such as Plumbers, Roofing Contractors, Cafes, Restaurants, etc. This tool will generate keywords that buyers are most likely to use when shopping online for your services.

9. Website Rank Tracker

This tool enables you to track the ranking of your websites in Google, Yahoo and Bing for your keywords over time. The tool has an option where you can elect to track your website/s every day so you have the most current data daily. You can track an unlimited numnber of websites and keywords, so this software would be suitable for agency use. If you’re looking for a home business managing other businesses online presence this tool and many others in the Webfire suite are what you need.

10. SEO Configuration Tool

This tool has a WordPress plugin which you can install onto your website. It also has the capacity to quickly set important SEO settings on HTML websites. The tool will allow you to modify the most important SEO settings on your website. The HTML plugin will enable you to automatically assign Alt tags to images on your website that have no keyword assigned to them. Use of this tool will make it clearer to search engines what each of your pages content is about.

11. Schema Markup Tool

Schema markup, or “structured data”, is used to tell the search engines details about your website. This helps with ranking, conversion, lead finding and the quality of your site!
You can easily install the schema on your WordPress site with the plugin provided, or add the schema to a file containing HTML using the auto-HTML editor.

Schema Markup is an extremely powerful addition to your website as it clearly and simply defines to the search engines what you have to offer on your site. Also, visually, your site will be allotted more “real estate” in search results. Here is an example of a website which doesn’t have a schema markup:

 Best SEO Softwareschema markup comparison

Here is an example of a website that does have a schema markup. You can see that the search result shows much more information and defines what the business is offering very clearly. As you can see the website listing is also given a lot more space on page 1 of search results.

schema markup tool

12. Sitemap Tool

Sitemaps are used by the search engines to get a list of all the pages on your website, including the last time they were updated. They are an important part of informing the search engines about your website! This tool will generate a sitemap for you and provide the code to embed onto your website. With a sitemap installed on your website it ensures your site will be more efficiently crawled by the search engines and deliver better results to people searching for your content.

13. Submit Your Site

This toll allows you to notify multiple directories across the globe that you have just published fresh content. This helps to turbo charge the reach of your website across the globe. It can also speed up the crawling of your new content by search engines. We used just this one tool when we first purchased Webfire. We wrote a blog about the product we wanted to promote, then used the Submit Your Site tool. Within a couple of weeks we had made sales from that blog that totally covered the cost of our investment into the Webfire program.

Best SEO Software

Content Tools:

14. Online Marketing Articles

This tool provides hundreds of articles already written for you to use if you are promoting a SEO business. You can combine this tool with the Article Spinner tool to produce unique content for your own website. This will prevent you from being downgraded by search engines for duplicate content.

Alternatively, this tool is a wealth of information if you are a beginner in SEO. You can learn the very basics of how to get the best results with promoting your websites. Here is a screenshot of just a few of the articles you can find in this tool.

how to do online marketing

15. Content Submitter Tool

This tool allows you to quickly and easily submit content to unlimited Blogger and Tumblr blogs. This is beneficial to quickly increase your footprint across the web.

16. Video Firestorm

There are two options you can use in this tool – text to speech videos, or upload your own video. The tool will connect with your Youtube channel and upload your videos to your channel. The text to speech video option enables you to create videos right within Webfire by just entering your text, images, icons, logo, then choose either a female or male voice to read your content on the video. You can choose a background color and choose different fonts for the text that will appear on your video.

17. Article Vault

This tool provides hundreds of articles on hundreds of topics in different niches, such as health, business, finance, marketing, art, hobbies, beauty, technology and loads more. You can pick up a bundle of content for your website with this tool. However, remember it would be wise to run each article through the Article Spinner software to ensure you have original content for the search engines.

18. Article Spinner

This tool will enable you to take content from other websites and produce original content. This is very important when you’re creating content for your website. If you have identical content to another site on the internet, the search engines will downgrade your ranking. If you have a website where you are promoting online marketing you could use one of the many articles found within the Marketing Articles tool in Webfire, then use the Article Spinner tool to produce a unique new article.

Leads Tools:

Best SEO Software

19. Government Leads

Use the Government Search tool to find official, federal or state sites where you can syndicate your content.  Not all of the links will be commentable, but the software uses special search terms to locate sites you can post on, so many will be!

20. Guest Blogging Tool

This tool helps you to find sites where you can submit or post your content in order to get backlinks to your website. Backlinks are a vital part of SEO procedures as the search engines will rank your website higher if other websites have links back to yours. Links on other people’s websites can also lead to valuable leads for your business. The Custom Guest Blog Search tool will find blog sites that are relevant to your keyword, and it will show you the email to contact to request submission of your content. The Existing Guest Blogs tool lists sites that regularly accept guest blog content.

21. Q&A Lead Firestorm

This tool enables you to find open questions that people have asked online, You can then leave answers and gain valuable search engine rankings by generating backlinks to your website.

22. Ranked Lead Finder

This tool will help you find Forums and Blogs that are already highly ranked where you can leave reviews, backlinks and information. How it works is you type in a keyword and the tool will find 50 similar high ranking keywords. Then it checks first page Google, Yahoo and Bing for forums and blogs where you can leave reviews, information and backlinks to your website. Getting backlinks from sites that already have a high ranking can help push your site onto page 1 of searches.

23. Real Time Lead Finder

This tool will help you find websites where people are discussing content related to the keyword you want to rank for, and then either leave blog comments or forum responses to people who are writing about your keyword. So, for example, if you were selling a product that people were discussing you could reply and say “hey, I have this product for sale here” and then place a link to the product on your website. Alternatively if you are using Webfire to manage other people’s accounts, you could use this tool where people are discussing your client, and you could leave a favorable comment about your client.

24. Social Poster

This tool will enable you to post directly to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. You can setup an email reminder to notify you once your Facebook Post has completed, so you can then copy and paste the post into your Instagram account as well. You can choose to do a Quick Post which means your post will show up immediately on your social media account. A second option is to setup Scheduled Posts which enables you to have preset posts rolling out for weeks ahead.

You can also setup Post Groups which enables you to create groups of posts that can be cycled through at different times in the future. You can choose to cycle through the posts or shuffle through the posts. This means next time this group of posts begins to publish they will either post in the same order as originally setup, or they will be posted randomly by this tool.

25. Tweet Lead Finder

This tool allows you to enter your keywords and it will find Tweets related to your keywords. The tool will display Follow metrics to enable you to choose tweets from people who have large followings and a good amount of friends, and will also display the Twitter score for that person. A higher score would indicate that the person is more influential. You can interact right within the tool to either Follow the person or Direct  Message them. Then you can go to the DM and Mentions tab to see if there are any responses to your message or people mentioning you.

So, as you can see this one program offers a wealth of tools and training for online marketers of all experience levels. In our opinion it is the best SEO software we’ve ever used. To get going now, click on the banner below to get a special discounted price….

Best SEO Software















We are Baby Boomers who have had traditional businesses all our lives, and all the stress that comes with that. 10 years ago we started attending every online marketing seminar we could find. Getting up at 4am and still going at 10pm at night we attended every training webinar from the best of the best online marketers. We now have a lifestyle where our websites tick over producing an income for us while we sleep, and while we holiday. On this website it is our intention to share what we have found has really worked for us.

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